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A wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in sunny Southern California. Welcome to my blog, where I share my most recent projects and adventurous life behind the lens. To view my wedding portfolio, simply scroll over the categories link above then click on the wedding label. Email me for inquiries, questions, or coffee dates...wink wink.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dennis and Olivia

I have been so blessed this summer to work with such fun and friendly couples. Dennis and Olivia were full of laughs and giggles as we approached the water at Corona Del mar. What you don't know is that Dennis is a Pyro technician. Let me just say that he and Olivia had their own set of fireworks going off during this session! There was lots of kissing and playful water splashing, and I am always reminded of just how exciting it is to begin a new life together with someone whom you absolutely adore.
Dennis and Olivia will be married next month in Laguna Beach so check back for a post on the wedding!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I've been "tagged!"

I was recently "tagged" by another photographer Nataly Lemus, to participate in a game of... you guessed it - "tag"! We must all be needing a break from the wedding season to stop and have a little fun with our blogs...yipee!

See, how it works is when a person is "tagged" they are asked to share 8 fun facts about themselves and then "tag" 8 others to do the here it goes...

1- I fear roller coasters.

2- I spent one year in Alaska when I was 8 yrs. old.

3- My spanish is terrible.

4- I made Varsity Soccer my Sophmore year in high school.

5- I am miserable in the cold weather.

6- I love coffee.

7- I went to Brazil on a youth missions trip.

8- I was born and raised in southern California.
Did I mention that I love coffee??

Tag - your it!...

Alyssa Lang

Jen Stewart

Julie weaver

Lucky Red Hen

Nicole Rork

Studio By Carmen

Louis Palos

Jessica Fairchild

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Josh and Amanda's Wedding!

Well, the big day finally came for Josh Schwartz, Bass player of Seventh Day Slumber, who married Amanda Cook in her hometown of Victorville, California on Monday.
All those months away on the road touring with the band and waiting patiently for this special union.

Josh and Amanda have a beautiful testimony about their courtship. They made a promise to wait and share their FIRST KISS at the alter during their wedding ceremony. When I first heard this I immedietly thought of what a wonderful strength of character and example Josh showed in protecting the integrity of his bride to be.


Josh and Amanda, thank you for the privilege in allowing me to document your wedding day! May God bless you with a promising future together. Jeremiah 29:11.

A "shout out" to my hubby, Robert, who assisted me with a Starbucks run, chairs to stand on, and bag carrying,thanks honey!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Harvest Crusades

Here are a few more photos to share since we came back for the Saturday night concert too! If you missed out on this incredible weekend then you should check out the archives HERE. This is the band Leeland. They are so young and super talented!
Saturday night is always the loudest and most popular night. Can you find me in this photo?

This is Olivia Wiggins with Isaiah.

Here's Olivia and Bella like two peas in a pod!
Bella + Olivia = A powerhouse! Hey, even Grandma and Grandpa Sanchez showed up for P.O.D!

There were about 4,000 people whose lives were changed on Saturday night!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friday Fun

Friday we planned a family trip with Dawn Malone out to the Harvest Crusade in Anaheim but first we made a stop at samys camera store to look around since we were in the neighborhood...well, that's all it took. I had been saving up for a second camera body but wasn't quite there yet. I even told the salesman I would be back once I was ready to purchase one. Long story short Dawn bought a fisheye lens (see her blog here), and my hubby helped me buy the Canon 5D!!! Whoo-hoo! Thanks honey! Dawn and I were being silly when she shot this photo of me above carrying my new camera out of the store (taken with her new fisheye lens).
Some self portraits with the fisheye lens at the Anaheim Stadium - "thanks honey!"

Here's the view from our row...this lens even makes our nosebleed seats look cool, haha.