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A wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in sunny Southern California. Welcome to my blog, where I share my most recent projects and adventurous life behind the lens. To view my wedding portfolio, simply scroll over the categories link above then click on the wedding label. Email me for inquiries, questions, or coffee dates...wink wink.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

She's Thirteen

What can I say? She's our firstborn. And if you follow me on Twitter you'll know that TODAY she's a finally a teenager, eeek! Robert and I have been feeling pretty old all day in light of our new membership into the your-the-parent-of-a-teenager club.

So, this morning we tried to remain the young hip parents that we once believed we could be and together grabbed both her electric guitars and surrounded her bed to sing happy birthday to her while she slept. She was mortified.

Photo: Carly and Savannah sharing music at the park.

we are so proud of you today. Proud that as a young lady you choose to give, choose to love, and most of all choose to surrender your will to a life of faithfulness to God.
May you always strive to know Him and make Him known.
Happy Birthday Savannah!
Love, Mom

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Claremont Packing House | Bella

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...and Bella sure is ready for it.

Not to be confused with my daughter, who is also named Bella, this little cutie pie was turning heads on the sidewalks of Claremont, not to mention her sweet baby doll who also dressed up for the party, so cute!

What I love about lifestyle photography is that I am free to photograph my subjects in their own environment just being themselves and capturing my them doing things that come natural...
Peekaboo, I see you!

Merry Christmas sweet girl...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hunneedee's Cookies

No, I'm not much of a sweet tooth, I always say. And when I shoot weddings I usually seem to be more interested in the cake design than in the guests sitting at the corner table nodding to each other how delicious the cake tastes.

So, when my friend, Deana, told me she recently started a bakery business called Hunneedee's Cookies in Riverside, I was very happy for her and thought well, it was sweet. But it wasn't until I experienced her products for myself that I became really excited for her.

First, I swooned over the smart and modern brown box packaging complete with custom tags and labels. Then, smiled at the care that went into each detail including those pretty pink bows.

Now, here's the part where I get really excited...
I cannot get ENOUGH of these Coconut Blondie's -- chocolate chip brownies with coconut flakes over the top? Yes please!

And yes, the Chocolate Chip cookies are pretty darn good too. These make great holiday gifts and an even better gift for that cranky boss at the office, am I right?

Oh yes, more Coconut Blondie's, because they're THAT good.

To visit Hunneedee's Cookies fan page on Facebook CLICK HERE.
To place an order CLICK HERE.

Okay, so I'll say it again...I'm not a sweet tooth. But quite honestly, Hunneedee's Cookies have been enjoyed in our home in the past days with both our holiday guests and late at night with a glass of milk!

Thanks Deana!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Canvas Wrap

I was really impressed when I received my first studio sample canvas gallery wrap from Pixel 2 Canvas. The turn around process was fast and easy while the quality was not sacrificed but rather improved from other companies I previously sampled in the past.

Below, is a 16x20 canvas gallery wrap of an image of Bella, who I photographed from our trip to the LA Zoo this past year.

I can't wait to display this in my home studio even though it may give me random cravings to run out and buy myself an ice cream cone!

Another nice feature is the convenient hardware the canvas comes with for easy hanging right out of the package. No framing. No hooks to buy. No measuring. That's my kind of decorating.

How does this work? Your image is printed and stretched over deep gallery stretch bars. These bars have a depth of 1.5 inches and allow the piece to be hung directly on the wall without a frame. Sizes vary and are available from 8x8 up to 20x30 and beyond!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kit Carson Park Escondido | Pauley Family

What interested me most about Kit Carson Park was Queen Califia's Magical Circle. A sculpture garden which consists of large scale sculptures and a circular "snake wall" maze entry. Pretty cool.

Meet the Pauley family. They are locals who have spent many days in this beautiful park for walks, picnics, and leisure time. So, naturally this became a location to document family memories through photographs.

Oh, and you might notice a part of that circular snake in the background...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Citrus Club at La Quienta Resort | Joe and Cathy

I really liked Cathy from the moment we met. Her sweet smile and giddy laugh warmed my heart as we chatted over coffee about the details of her wedding day. She was smitten by her fiance's spontaneous proposal and agreed to a speedy wedding date which was one month away...yes, I said one month!

Nevertheless, we worked fast, and Cathy and Joe were married in a beautiful intimate ceremony set in the desert sunset of the Citrus Club at the La Quienta Resort.

The handsome groom, Joe.

Joe with his daughters, who seemed a little surprised by their well wishes, too cute.

Cathy is stunning in her dress as she counts down the minutes on the clock!

Joe and Cathy, congratulations to you both, may your days be filled with much laughter and love!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

15 Years

Today we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Has it really been that long?

What a long journey the years have given us filled with many life lessons of humility, forgiveness, and sacrifice. May we have many more years together as we grow old gracefully.

Happy Anniversary to my husband, my hero, my best friend.

2008. Photo by Nicole Liebgott.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heisler Park Laguna Beach Wedding | David and Becky

Doing a little blog catching up...

David and Becky were married this past summer at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach. The best part? Walking barefoot in the sand, feeling the soft breeze of the ocean while witnessing a union of the two coolest people ever.

Becky's spirited laughter and Dave's beaming grin were a sure sign of a love and affection that was long anticipated for this wonderful day and it was my pleasure to document it.

A swanky reception followed Becky and David's wedding ceremony at the Blue Laguna Restaurant and Lounge.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rainy Days

Oh how I missed the rainy day weather. Today we had our first rain of the season, and what better way to enjoy it than to go outside?

With Savannah feeling under the weather the last two days, we stayed inside and developed a little cabin fever. So, I turned to Bella and announced we were going outside. In the rain. Really Mommy? She stared back at me wide eyed with her big happy missing-tooth-grin. She ran to find her old play clothes and was soon ready for some rain puddle fun...and of course I documented it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Her real name is Celia but we like to call her Chella. We were childhood friends, high school pals and now as grown ups, I still affectionately call her CHELLA....kinda makes me wish I had a cool nickname.

When Chella and I caught up this summer for our reunion, I was happy to have the opportunity to photograph her and her family while her son was home visiting from the military. Let us not forget to mention the sweet classic Mustang her hubby brought along for pictures!

Here are a few favorites I'll share...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Swiss Park Whittier Wedding | Jose and Samantha

Samantha and Jose were married at Swiss park in Whittier. It was a perfect day complete with the warm sun, cool breeze and one very excited bride and groom.

Jose first noticed Samantha with her beautiful smile at a bike ride event held by their church and by the end of the day he introduced himself...and as they say...the rest is history.

However, for Samantha and Jose this is the beginning of a love for a lifetime.

Click here for SLIDESHOW

Congratulations Jose and Samantha, much love!