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A wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in sunny Southern California. Welcome to my blog, where I share my most recent projects and adventurous life behind the lens. To view my wedding portfolio, simply scroll over the categories link above then click on the wedding label. Email me for inquiries, questions, or coffee dates...wink wink.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chapdelaine Family

Meet James, a high school senior from Apple Valley. James and his family recently met with me at Corona Del Mar in Newport Beach to photograph his Senior pictures. Here are a few I will share with you taken in and around the caves of Pirates Cove.

James, you have a beautiful family and it was my pleasure to have met you all.
Have a blessed senior year!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Red Hot!

Here's Robert my rockstar photographer

My husband, Robert, came into the house shouting "honey wait til' you see my pictures!". He had just returned from the Outbreak Jam an outdoor concert event in Riverside, CA. featuring the christian band RED! I was going to shoot it for my friends at Rallys For Christ and C28 stores but since the kids and I were still under the weather, Robert said he would just go anyway and help out on my behalf.
I recently bought Robert a point and shoot camera because I was tired of seeing photos with only him and the kids as I am always the one behind the camera, and besides, asking a random passer-by to take a family photo of us was a little overwhelming using my canon 5D.

As I uploaded the images into my computer I began to imagine people with heads cut off and blown out blurred faces because this was Robert's first experience with a camera.
Wow! I thought as my jaw hit the floor. As much as I would like to claim these images they are not mine. I did help with post processing. Robert insisted I watermark them because he says he went to work on behalf of my business.
I am so proud of him! After we processed them he uploaded the images into his ipod to show all the guys at work. I think he has caught the photo bug now...I may have to introduce him to my Canon 20D next...what do you think?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mama's got a brand new bag!

I finally did it. I jumped on the Shoot Sac bandwagon, yippee! After careful thought I realized my need for an on the job tool bag so I struggled between the Boda bag and the Shoot Sac...and well, the Shoot Sac won. Meanwhile, Jessica Claire posted a one week only sale promotion on the Shoot Sac blog website, which only helped sweeten the pot!
So now I need your help in choosing a cover that fits my style for my new bag! Click HERE to view samples and give me your vote!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Under the weather

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have a vice grip tightened around your head? Well, for the past couple of days that is exactly how I have felt. Yes, it those pesky common colds that get passed around no matter how many times we wash our hands. So, after awhile of soups, hot teas, and old DVD's I decided it was time to make a blog entry and hoping I don't sneeze on my computer screen! I have so much to blog so be sure to check back again soon.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Back To School Jam

The temperature outside must have hit 109 degrees today, and to think in just a few days a new school year will begin for the Sanchez family. Library days, field trips, and fundraiser's will share my calendar with photo shoots, editing, and appointments.
So, I thought for my last hoorah of summer I would share a few of my most recent photos from an event hosted by Rick Reyna of Rallys For Christ titled "Back To School Jam". The event featured a christian group called The Katinas and were opened with local bands having some fun in a battle of the bands competition. There was also a BMX demonstration by Heirs Force Bike Team and a display of Harley Davidson Motorcycles by a ministry called Sons Of El Shaddai. I had not shot any Harley bikes before, so this was pretty fun for me.
My kids have really enjoyed their summer this year...friends, BBQ's, and live christian music. They were even given a bag of free school supplies before the night was over, courtesy of 89.7 KSGN Radio, what a blessing!