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A wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in sunny Southern California. Welcome to my blog, where I share my most recent projects and adventurous life behind the lens. To view my wedding portfolio, simply scroll over the categories link above then click on the wedding label. Email me for inquiries, questions, or coffee dates...wink wink.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Isaiah, Jeanette, Robert, Bella and Savannah. 2008.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

It's busy in our house today as we prepare to host Christmas Day with our families and come together to celebrate our Christ's birth! Tonight we are so blessed to attend a Christmas Eve service in which Savannah will participate in as she sings with her kids choir group. We are so proud of her!

Have a Merry Christmas Eve to you all, have a safe night!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Savannah Turns 12

Savannah turned 12 years old today and I think I'm going to cry. It's the wonder years now. No really, Savannah is wise beyond her years and I want to value this time where everything in her life involves singing, girlfriends, sci-fi books, purple converse, and Jonas Brothers. Yes, Jonas Brothers, can't get rid of those boys.

Happy 12th Birthday Savannah!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Macbook Pro

I used to wonder what the big deal was with these Mac's, I mean a computer is a computer right? WRONG. Since the start of my business and having to rely and use a computer for more than just email and online shopping, I have slowly realized that there is much more convenience to a Mac than I thought. I would explain in more detail if I could but I would not know where to even start! For now, let's just say I have finally crossed over to the DARK SIDE.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The 2nd Shooter

Looking back on 2008, it's been a long and adventurous wedding season. For me, this was the first year I consistently shot wedding after wedding either as a primary photographer, or second photographer, in which I was then subcontracted by another photography studio.

I saw different churches, with different cultures, in different locations. All of them with families bursting with much happiness and joy of the celebrated occasions. I photographed it all...laughter, tears, sincere toasts, personal moments, and some play-that-funky-music-white boy-dance moves!

I want to say thank you to the photographers who invited me to be experience a small part of their 2008 wedding season as a second photographer and shoot along side of them and their associates. You have all helped sharpen me to be the professional I am today and for that I am grateful.
Karen Barnes, Louis Palos, Rowena Curtis, Jules Bianchi, and Eddie Roman.

photo taken on Dec. 6, 2008.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Robert gave me this cool gift today and though I'm not one for the spotlight, I think this pocket Flip video gadget is going to be pretty fun! I may take it out for fun when shooting or when I'm out and about with friends...beware. Look for video snippets here and there on my blog!

Thanks Robert!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Scott And Michelle Married!

Scott and Michelle tied the knot last week at the Mitten Building in Redlands. Their long awaited day could not have had better weather for a winter wedding.

Michelle chose to see Scott before the wedding ceremony for a 'First Look' to allow for daylight photographs since the sun goes down sooner in the winter months. As a photographer, I love this idea in order to capture the best possible photos of the Bride and Groom in natural light, and it's fun!

Click here for SLIDESHOW

The flower girl getting sassy with her ring bearer.

The first look!

We walked across the street to this old historic train station for this shot, love it!

The Mitten Building is a unique venue made of red brick which was at first an old historic citrus packing plant converted into a venue for weddings. Very cool.
Special thanks to Jessica Stovall of Special Touch Florist for her beautiful designs and Gary Fernandez of Regal Entertainment for his smooth sounds on the dance floor.

Congratulations Scott and Michelle! It was an honor to photograph the sweetest moments of your new life together. Hugs to you both!