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A wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based in sunny Southern California. Welcome to my blog, where I share my most recent projects and adventurous life behind the lens. To view my wedding portfolio, simply scroll over the categories link above then click on the wedding label. Email me for inquiries, questions, or coffee dates...wink wink.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's a Wonderful Life!

Whew! December is just flying by isn't it? In trying to keep up with the hustle and bustle I put some time aside to take my little darlings to a Christmas play at Lifehouse Theatre titled "It's A Wonderful Life". Since they are homeschooled I thought this would be a good opportunity to celebrate the season in true field trip form, so I called my sister and she came along with her son too. A big shout out to our favorite cast member Krista Curtis who played as one of the townfolk and was just fabulous to watch!

Here are a few pics taken with my point and shoot camera.

Isaiah loved the Theatre!
Bella and Krista Savannah and Krista
Good job Krista, we'll be back to see more shows again soon!


david & kimi baxter said...

awesome! krista looks like someone.hmm....who is that girls mama :)

rowena said...

LOL. I just sent you a note to thank you for coming out to Kat's play saying that we're slackers for not getting pictures to blog. hee hee. I guess there's only one of us that slacked! Again, thank you to you, your sis, and the kids for coming to support Krista, she loved the picts!

Dawn Malone said...

It looks like a wonderful time... hehe no pun intended!

Nicole Liebgott Photography said...

Hey Girl, looks like fun. That girl looks so familiar hmmmm!! Row's daughter?? Great shots J

Melissa Koehler said...

How fun. Cute pics!

Sarah said...

I didn't know you homeschooled!! Me too... how do you do that and photography.. cuz I am struggling to figure it all out!!! :(