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Monday, November 5, 2007

13 Years!

I can still remember years ago sitting in a home bible study group that met weekly through the youth ministry at my church. My friends and I would have so much fun in these groups with winter camps, mission trips out of the country, and late nights at Denny's. Soon, there was a new guy who started coming to our bible study and we would sit quietly and exchange courteous glances and smiles to eachother from across the room.
One day our friends planned a casual hike in the mountains and when it came time to meet for this fun day nobody was able to go except me and the new guy. This day turned out to be our "first date" as we spent the whole day together hiking, talking, and laughing. The rest they as they history.
Happy Anniversary Robert!

How do we look?
Jeanette and Robert November 5,1994.


Nely said...

awww. that's awesome! congratulations!

david & kimi baxter said...

now THAT is a beautiful couple! happy anniversary you two! blessings to you and wishes for many more to come :)

Dawn Malone said...

Happy Anniversary!
Luvin' the puffy sleeves! ;)

C. watkins said...

congratulations guys look YOUNG!

Jeanette Sanchez said...

Ha-ha would notice that! Hey, those sleeves went with my cool up-do and cheap necklace!

Jeanette Sanchez said...

Crissy, have we changed that much?

Nicole Liebgott Photography said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the both of you sooo much.

Umm in another 7 years you two should renew your vows and have all your photographer friends shoot it (without the puffy sleaves of course) lol

Congradulations to the both of you and I wish you many more happy years.

Melissa Koehler said...

You guys look so cute!

rowena said...

Lucky 13! Yeah! J, you look the same as you do now, lucky! Robert.... well, he's more handsome, yeah, that's it!
Being nice row

Mariann Guerrero said...

Awesome..where is your hat?

Dennis H. Bentivengo said...

A very cute couple :D Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.
Say I was thinking you Olivia and myself could double date with you guys... I'll talk to Robert about my idea though.. ha ha.
God bless,
Dennis Bentivengo

P.S. Looking forward to see the pics!